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Paintings of Juan Luna y Novicio (October 23, 1857 — December 7, 1899)

The following are some of the finest paintings of Juan Luna y Novicio (October 23, 1857 — December 7, 1899). He was a Filipino painter, sculptor and a political activist of the Philippine Revolution during the late 19th century. He was one of the first recognized Philippine artists.
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Chula II by Juan Luna
Una Chula II, 1885Una Chula II is a 1885 painting portraying a lower class Madrileña (woman from Madrid) sitting squarely with arms resting on a chair, a pose that “almost mannishly exuding sexual confidence and worldliness, holding a lit cigarette between two fingers in a flirtatious way. The burning tip of the cigarette acts as an enhancement to the female’s “painted lips” that supports a “slight smile”.
The Parisian Life, 1892 by Juan Luna
The Parisian Life, 1892The Parisian Life, also known as Interior d'un Cafe, literally meaning "Inside a Café", is a 1892 oil on canvas painting. It portrayed a scene inside a café in Paris with a woman identified as a courtesan or a prostitute representing "fallen womanhood", who was about to rise from a sofa overshadowing three men placed at the far left corner of the painting. Apart from the prominent figure of the female wearing a pale lavender frock and a hat embellished with flowers, fronted by two glasses of beers and an empty beer mug belying a "company of men", The Parisian Life portrayed a glimpse of Luna's own life in the capital of France while accompanied by two close friends.
JUan Luna's La Bulaquena, 1895
La Bulaquena, 1895Literally "the woman from Bulacan". The woman in the portrait could be one of the women courted by Luna when he lost his wife. Luna killed his wife of jealousy.
La Marquesa de Monte Olivar, 1881
La Marquesa de Monte Olivar, 1881A portrait of the young Marchioness of Monte Olivar.
Juan Luna's Governor Ramon Blanco, 1880
Governor Ramon Blanco, 1880'sPortrait of Governor Ramon Blanco, Spanish Governor-general of the Philippines from 1893 to 1896.
Souvenir de 1899 by Juan Luna
Souvenir de 1899, 1899Souvenir de 1899, was completed by Luna on May 21, 1899, in Leitmeritz, Bohemia, after his meeting with Rizal’s bosom friend, Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt.
Indio Bravo by Juan Luna
Indio Bravo, 1880's Indio Bravo by Juan Luna
Odalisque by Juan Luna
Odalisque, 1885The Odalisque one of Luna's "Academic Salon portraits" that followed the standards of proper proportion and perspective, and realistic depictions with “an air of dignity and allure”. Although less polished compared to Luna’s other works of art, the Odalisque is typical of the well-planned characteristic of the artist’s portraits. The Odalisque is one of the paintings that made Luna as an officially accepted artist at the Salon of Paris. The Odalisque was a part of the painting collection of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal.
Spolarium, 1884 by Juan Luna
Spoliarium, 1884Spoliarium depicts bloody carcasses of slave gladiators being dragged away from the arena where they had entertained their Roman masters, with their lives. The painting was submitted by Luna to the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884 in Madrid, where it garnered the first gold medal. In 1886, it was sold to the Diputación Provincial de Barcelona for 20,000 pesetas. It currently hangs in the main gallery at the ground floor of the National Museum of the Philippines, and is the first work of art that greets visitors upon entry into the museum.
Ensueños de Amor, 1890 by Juan Luna
Ensueños de Amor, 1890Literally "Daydreams of Love", is a "dreamy" oil on wood painting. It depicts Luna's wife Maria de la Paz Pardo de Tavera while sound asleep.
Mi Hijo Andres by Juan Luna
Mi Hijo AndresPortrait of Andres, Juan Luna's son.
El Pacto de Sangre by Juan Luna
El Pacto de Sangre (The Blood Compact), 1886The Blood Compact portrays the blood compact ritual between Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who is accompanied by other conquistadors.
Tampuhan by Juan Luna
Tampuhan, 1895Tampuhan is a 1895 classic oil on canvas painting. It depicts a Filipino man and a Filipino woman having a lovers' quarrel.
Despues del Baile by Juan Luna
Despues del BaileDespues del Baile (After the dance by Juan Luna
Nena y Tinita by Juan Luna
Nena y Tinita, 1897Nena y Tinita (Nena and Tinita) by Juan Luna
Puesta Del Sol by Juan Luna
Puesta Del Sol, 1880'sPuesta Del Sol (Sunset) is a scene presumably somewhere in the north coast of France, which Luna often visited.
Nu femeni, 1885 by Juan Luna
Nu femeni, 1885Nu femeni is an oil on canvas painting by Juan Luna.
Idilio by Juan Luna
IdilioIdilio by Juan Luna.
Damas Romanas, 1882 by Juan Luna
Damas Romanas, 1882Damas Romanas or "The Roman Dames" is an oil on canvas painting by Luna when he was a student of the school of painting in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando(Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando) in Madrid, Spain in 1877. Alejo Valera, a Spanish painting teacher, took Luna as an apprentice and brought him to Rome where Luna created Las Damas Romanas in 1882. Luna spent six years in Rome from 1878 to 1884.
Espana y Filipinas, 1886 by Juan Luna
Espana y Filipinas, 1886Espana y Filipinas is oil on wood painting, it is an allegorical depiction of two women together, one a representation of Spain and the other of the Philippines.
En el Balcon, 1884 by Juan Luna
En el Balcon, 1884The subject, a box at the opera, possibly in Madrid.
La Muerte de Cleopatra, 1884 by Juan 
La Muerte de Cleopatra, 1881La Muerte de Cleopatra (The Death of Cleopatra) was awarded silver medal by Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes(National Exposition of Fine Arts) in Madrid in 1881.
Mi Hermana   by Juan Luna
Mi HermanaPortrait of Luna's sister, Numenaria.

by Juan Luna
EsopoA painting by Juan Luna.
Portrait of Jose Rizal     

by Juan Luna
Portrait of Jose RizalPainted in oil, in Paris.
The Battle of Lepanto, painted by Juan Luna in 1887
The Battle of Lepanto, painted by Luna in 1887Features Don Juan of Austria in battle in 1571 while at the bow of a ship..
Photos: Wikpedia Commons and other sources
Text: Various sources

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(On Father Tom Tibudan)
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

He was our pioneer priest in Alta Tierra Village
Who preaches intelligently with wisdomHis sermons connects us to Gods loving grace
Was faithful in his ministry as to gather us regularly

He became our mentor during SVS days 
When we were still young and at a tender age
The Sweet Voice of Salvation youth group of ATV
Became our home, family, refuge and ministry.

He introduce us to Charismatic movement and LSS
Life on the Spirit Seminars that lead us to surrender
Our Life to Christ and the works of the Holy Spirit
Organizing the Choir and Altar boys were I am a member

He was generous in his praise and is a great teacher
A mentor to all of us in this community of believers
Glad to have him as a friend, Now his in a better place
We honor celebrate his being a Man of God now in heaven


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Love is Time. Time is Love.
Giving is Love. Love is Giving.
Living is Loving. Loving is Living.
Greatest gift is ones Time and Being.
To Friends, Family and all Human Beings

Love is Giving Time to ones Love
Value Togetherness and Tenderness
Memories Treasured Timeless Moments
Shared and Forever remembered in Time
Seeds of Kindness will Ripple past Eternity

Time is Gold. Time is Love
Most precious Gift one can Give and Have 
Live a Life with Love. Give and you'll receive
Like Gold is measured by its weight and purity.
Love is measured by the depth of time and intimacy.

Love is Time. Time is Love 
Value your Love ones, with them Spend Time
It will never be wasted as Love Grows in due Time
Be wise, Believe in Love, Believe in times immortality
As Time comes forever you'll be in their hearts and mind.

Love is Time. Time is Love. 
This are Words I want to Leave and Give as a Legacy
Live to Love. Love to Live. May your every Time be this
Be live in Love. Believe in Love and Give Love Everyday
God is Love. That is the true path to Happiness. Its His Way

Love is Time. Time is Love. God is Love

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Ang Ganda Ganda Mo Giliw By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Ang ganda ganda mo giliw Ang ganda ganda mo talaga Binihag mo ang puso ko Nang yung ngiti't mata Ngayon na tayo na O anong kay saya Hawak kamay sa tuwina Ang ganda ganda mo giliw
Ang ganda ganda mo talaga Binihag mo ang puso ko Nang yung ngiti't mata Ang Bukas ko'y may kulay Ligaya Ko ay ikaw Sa buhay ko ay ikaw lang Ang ganda ganda mo giliw
Ang ganda ganda mo talaga Binihag mo ang puso ko Nang yung ngiti't mata Sa buhay ko ay ikaw lang sinta Sa buhay ko ay ikaw lang sinta Sa buhay ko ay ikaw lang sinta


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas Ang pag- ibig ay sadyang mahiwaga Mapapaiyak ka sa galak at tuwa Malaman mong mahal ka ng mahal mo Anong ligaya dulot nito

Katumbas ay langit pag kapiling mo sya Napapawi lungkot at mga problema Anong saya ang iyong nadadama

Ang pag- ibig ay sadyang mahiwaga Mapapaiyak ka sa galak at tuwa Malaman mong mahal ka ng mahal mo Anong ligaya dulot nito

Sa puso mo walang hihigit sa'yo Walang katulad o maihahambing ito Pag- ibig na totoo

Ang pag- ibig ay sadyang mahiwaga Mapapaiyak ka sa galak at tuwa Malaman mong mahal ka ng mahal mo Anong ligaya dulot nito

Anong ligaya dulot nito Anong ligaya dulot nito Anong ligaya dulot nito

                                              BE MY LADY
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Be my lady 
Be my girl
Be my woman
Forever together to care
To hold understand and share

Be my honey
Be my darling
Be my sweetheart 
Stay as sweet as we can be 
Take our chance to be free

Lets fill the world with memories
With love and sweet romance
With music and romantic dance
I promise I'll be true to you
And this is my song for you

I'll be your man
I'll be your hubby
I'll be your lover
Forever together to care
To hold understand and share

I'll be your honey
I'll be your darling
I'll be your sweetheart
Stay as sweet as I can be
Take our chance to be free

Lets fill the world with memories
With love and sweet romance
With music and romantic dance
I promise I'll be true to you
And this is my song for you

By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas`






NEEDING    YOU   TO     NEED     ME    TOO


ONLY        US          CAN        UNDERSTAND
LIFE       IS        FULL         OF      MYSTERY


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

How will I Describe My Love
No Words can Best Express it
In All Truth and Honesty
Not using any Flattery

Let Me Start by Saying
She is A Child, A Woman
A Friend, A Help Mate
A Lover, A Partner , A Gift

She is A Child
Endowed with Enchanting Smile
An Innocent Face of Angelic Beauty
A Picture of Serenity

She is A Woman
Who Always Dress at Her Best
Wearing the Garments of Godly Virtue
Of The Million She is One of the Few, of the Best

She is A Friend
Where I Can Find Security
I n Her Heart is the Place I Pour Out My Secrets
And Still Accepting Me Wholeheartedly

She is A Help Mate
With a Reaching Out Hand
To Comfort, To Assure Me
That Things Will Be Alright, Saying
Hold on to Life, Stand Out and Fight

She is A Partner
Who Appreciates Me as I am
Finding Humor in me, Encouraging, Supporting me
Working For Our Dreams to Come True

She is a Lover
Who is Sensitive to My Needs
A Loving Soul Embracing My Love Thirst Soul
Caring, Kindling the Flame of My Emotions

She is A Gift
From Heaven Above
To Be Emulated, Valued, Cherished Forever
Never Ending Source of Joy and Fulfillment

This are But Some
Of the Things in My Heart
Of Which I Describe My Love
But Let Me Add More

She Will Be My Wife
Understanding as She Could be
Who Will Give Her Whole Life
To A Simple Man Like Me

She Will Be a Pleasing Mother
Sweet, Tender, Providing
To The Needs Of Our Children
Sacrificing Willingly And Cheerfully

She Will Be A Person
Admired By God and Everybody
Accomplishing Her Roles in This World ...
And One of It, As My True and Everlasting Love.

By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

A Song Fell From Heaven
So Strong and So Heavy
It Touch My Heart So Deeply
Realizing I Was That Lonely
That I Needed Somebody

That Song Made Me See
To The Truth Of My Being
That I Was Made For Somebody
For My Alter Ego In This Valley
To Find Her Care And Share Our Life Forever

That Song Was Destined
To Bring Us Together
You Are That Somebody
So Special So Tender
My Completeness My Happiness

This Song I Say Will Return Someday
Bringing Us To It's Maker
In Tune With His Eternal Ways
Will Sing Songs Of Love In The Milky Way
Oh God In Heaven Compose More Songs We Pray

The Beauty Of Many Splendors
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

The beauty of many splendors
fills the eyes with satisfaction
sense of grand exotic vision
drives your wild imagination

Sensual colors of red and pink
a dash of sublime gray and blue
interplay with brown and green
yellow and orange to make it true

Eye for passion and great romance
where compassion and fashion dance
looks that kills with just a glance
ruptures your soul into trance

Captures colors of life and love
true hope joy faith and freedom
things to hold and to have
pure and simple as it comes

Nature's color is best for your soul
keep our hearts in harmonious flow
expands your mind in constant growth
release your spirit in heavenly abode

The Beauty of Many Splendor is a sight to behold

The Men Who Plays With Their Pens
BY : Deo Antonio D. Llamas

The men who plays with their pens
Are Men of words and romantics too
Their words are their swords and spears
They write what they feel see and hear

Men express better in writing
Doing right things in their own way
We men find it hard out talking 
Women who does the gabbing

Pen is hard out but soft inside
Long and slender and writes in stride
Like men who loves to look so tough
Are tender juicy when things get rough

Women of substance watch and learn
Be careful, beware, be alert
With the men who plays with their pen
Possessing you with their intent

In nine months time you will regret
How mighty is their pen can get
It brings forth life with just a dot
You will wonder why you got the lot

By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Since everything will pass away
in this lifetime of come what may

Enjoy every moment of each day
make it last till memory fades I say

May each day be filled with laughter
take time to make the bond stronger

Remember love will keep us together
in sunny days or even stormy weather

Yesterday we said I do and yes forever
today will remind us we need each other
tomorrow I am sure our life will be brighter

Scenes and season of our life is unfolding
so whatever will be will be ; Que sera sera

By: Paul Leo D. Llamas

Love is such
An extraordinary thing
From roses and kisses
To wedding  rings.

Love can change our ways
From words and rhymes
To music we sing.

Love is color
Love is light
Love is heaven
Love is might.

Me, I don’t know how
Love can always be
A thing of joy and forever free

Let there be love
Throughout the world
Let there be love
In every heart
Let there be love

To warm up the cold
Throw all your hates
And take all it takes
And love forever
Will lighten your fates.

Child's play
By: Paul Leo D. Llamas

We see…
                Children in the streets,
                                Racing for gasp in breath and space,
                                                Hidden from sight,
                Only to reveal
                                Behind shrubs and hails
                                                And bushed tree houses
                In  daytime matches…

Now see…
                Youngsters in the sand 
                                Resting for gasp in breath and peace,
                                                Shrouded from sight
                Only to expose themselves
                                Behind shrubs and wails
                                                And dark-roomed motels
                In evening matches?

LOVE they say…
                Is but CHILD SPLAY.

By: Paul Leo D. Llamas 

           eyes meeting
           pounding hearts
           crazy feelings

           cold lonely nights

           splashing waves

           warm embraces

           blazing fire


           three red roses

           valentine cards

           sweet smiles

           tender kisses

Broken love...

           dying dreams

           tearful eyes
           withered roses
           lost memories

By: Paul Leo D. Llamas

I believe in creation
          and we are God's children
I believe in life
          and not in death
In unity for goodness' sake
          and freedom for all man
I believe in love 
          and despise hate

In peace, hope, and faith

I  believe in justice
           but not politics
In success and learning
           from mistakes
I believe in the sea,sunshine,
           nature and songs that I sing

I believe in dreams come true
I believe in no religion
            but I know there's a GOD
who will guide me, help me to say...

" I believe in myself "

Love like the Waters
By: Paul Leo D. Llamas

Love like the waters 
flow fast and swift
like the silence of the deep
that keeps our hearts adrift

Love like the moonlight
with it's beautiful glow
that lightens the night
as it continues to grow

Love like the rainbows
gives color and harmony,
gives joy and beauty
to every lover's heart

Love like a rose
that blooms thru the air
gives joy with it's fragrance
with moments we share

Love is everything good,
love is understood
for love  forever will remain
for love is like the waters.

I Smile
By: Paul Leo D. Llamas

A comedians humor
My friend’s corny joke.

Disney’s land of fantasy
A dreamer’s inspiration

Rustling trees and mountains
Sea gull soaring high.

Sixteen’s pretty faces
Christmas carols and Valentines.

Childhood memories
Mama’s loving kiss
God’s promise of hope.

My baby smiles…
I smile!

                                               IT TAKES PAIN                        
                                            By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas                                                                                      
It takes pain for us to know
           that our love still truly grows
 for always you're my special girl
God's sweetest gift to me

It take pain for us to realize
our love will always find a way
keep what we've build, make it stay
Gods our foundation as we pray

It takes pain for us to gain
the dreams we shared together
the oneness of different beings
Gods will will still remain

It takes pain for us to learn
to face life's greatest challenge
to go on and accept its change
for better or for worse

It takes pain for us to see
we need each other so badly
madly longing for each other
in a good way desperately

Be my Valentine 
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
Valentines do come and go
But my Love is here to stay
My Love for you is constant
Climate change, I still remain
Earth may shake and move mountains
I'll hold your hands and keep you safe
Life storm comes with heavy rains
I will comfort you, ease your pains
When our journey comes near to end
We'll both see our Love stands true
May our Love forever flow
You alone I've come to know
But this day I have come to say
Be my Valentine, My Love please stay