Miyerkules, Abril 1, 2015


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
Let compassion direct you
In everything that you do

Show everyone you care
Do what is just and fare

In life every act of kindness
Can bring joy and happiness

To people you touch and help
Giving a part of your time and self

Rewards you in many ways
You will find good days ahead

Builds your heart and character
Makes this world a little bit better

Lunes, Marso 23, 2015



He was a great Leader that I know

He has lead Singapore and it shows

The collective effort of a mixed nation

United in one vision and direction

Progressive ambitious people and state

In spite diversity of races and faith

Patriotism above self and interest
Embracing the common good with zest

Disciplined its citizens put things in order 

Scarce resources was not a problem

Made their country as trading center

Air and shipping industry was their forte

Their initial sacrifice paved the way 

For a small island nation to become great

Lee Kuan Yew was a great leader
He is one of the great world leaders

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By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Looking back at my life's journey
I've been to heaven I've been to hell

But most of the time I am happy still
Grateful for all the emotions I have feel

Our life is filled with experiences
And memories that molds our choices

We make mistakes and fail at times
But we all have chances to change our path

Just do your best  with what you have
Just hold on to the truth and love 

Our past will always be here  to stay
But remember our future is ours to make

For Now we ensure a brighter day 
Looking back I will choose the right way

Huwebes, Marso 19, 2015

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