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Gen. Antonio Luna An Encounter With Greatness

Gen. Antonio Luna An Encounter With Greatness

Gen. Antonio Luna An Encounter With Greatness 

He embodied the Filipino Soldiers in many ways as one
Brave wise and true ready to serve and defend our land

Prepared and equipped himself with knowledge and skills
On war tactics organization propaganda and medicines

Brother to artist Juan Luna and Jose Luna a doctor
Establish a Military school a precursor to our PMA today

Skilled in swordsmanship, fencing and a sharp shooter
Respected admired even by Generals of the US Army

To fight Americans he used guerrilla warfare as strategy
Put up a team of special force trained them as elite snipers

Every battle won is a boost to the moral of Filipino soldiers
In spite our resources a good Leader can lead us to victory

But looking at our Nations history its muddled by treachery
Gen. Antonio Luna was killed by the people of Aguinaldo

Considered as the only true General by the opposing army
The bravest and wisest of General this country have ever seen

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Apolinario M. Mabini a Filipino Hero

Apolinario M. Mabini a Filipino Hero
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Long before President Franklin D. Roosevelt
We had our first Prime Minister Apolinario M. Mabini

The sublime paralytic and Brain of the Revolution
His disability did not stop him to move history

Was born in a poor family but was educated
in the best school and by the best educators

His mother dream of him to study in the seminary
But he opted and choose Law to be an attorney
Became a top member of the La Liga Filipina ,
A revolutionary movement and propagandista.

Confronting first Spanish Colonial Rule after then
American regime fighting for our nations Sovereignity

With will of steal and outstanding negotiation skill
Was instrumental in drafting our first Constitution

Establishing our country as the first Republic in Asia.
An intellectual Giant, our Hero, Apolinario M. Mabini

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  •  THIS IS JUST A DRAFT ON MY SEARCH ON THE DELFIN -DIAZ  CLAN OF  CAPIZ:(Panitan, Pontivedra, Dao, Mambusao, Dumarao, Roxas city and Including Iloilo, Aklan, Antique and Bacolod City)
    1.  This is worth noting a  U.S. Senator, Senator Oscar Delfin of Guam, married to a Layson of Molo, Iloilo was recognize during Univ. of San Agustin as one of the Outstanding Alumni of the University during its Centennial Celebration. He was one responsible to open the door for Ilonggos and Filipinos to first Migrate in the state of Guam and Hawaii for sugar and pineapple planters and laborers and for the rehabilitation of the U.S. Naval bases with partnership with Cong. Pascualing Espinosa of Iloilo. Where more than 20,000 migrants from Panay, Negros and Guimaras ventured to Guam a few years after the war. And the Ilocanos followed.

  • 2.  Dr. Gerardo Delfin is another branch whose wife is a Villaruz of Roxas City. He owns the GT Delfin Bldg. in Roxas City. His nephew is Nonoy Villaruz of Roxas City.

     3.  Another Prominent Delfin is General Roberto Delfin of Antique who run for Governor in that province. Their roots is from Panitan as well, he married an Antiquena. He used to head the Intelligence Dept of the Arm Forces of the Philippine and one of th Original founder of RAM boys

    4. Former Col. Bibit of Dept of Custom. Billy Bibit (March 10, 1950 - October 25, 2009) was a Filipino retired colonel.
    Bibit graduated from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in 1972. He became a founding member of both the RAM and the Guardians Brotherhood.
    Bibit was described as a close ally of Senator Gregorio Honasan, who had founded the RAM. 
    Aquino later appointed Bibit to a position in the Bureau of Customs. He campaigned for a seat in the Congress of the Philippines in 1992, but lost the election. Bibit later worked in the Economic Intelligence and Investigation Bureau during the early years of the administration of President Gloria Macapagal.
    Bibit was hospitalized for the last three years of his life. He died at 9:52 p.m. on October 25, 2009. His funeral took place at Chapel 6 at the Heritage Park in Fort Bonifacio The Bibit family inter-married with the Diaz- Deslate- Delfin. He is Also one of the original RAM boys of the People Power Revolution with Col. Red Kapunan, Gen.Roberto Delfin of Antique and Gringo Honasan of Bicol.
    5. There was another Delfin that had an office in NFA Iloilo and use to have a cargo boat M/V Delfin that transport cement from Cebu to Iloilo,  and from Iloilo he brings in rice to Palawan. In Palawan He's engage into sea weeds plantation and bring the products back to Cebu. (forgot his name ) he he he. I used to see this boat in the port of Iloilo in Muelle Loney. He was one of the successful Fish Broker in Cebu.
  • 6. Our Grandfather is Mayor Hugo Reynaldo Delfin He was Mayor of Panitan married to Remedios Develles Diaz They have 2 sons and 6 daughters (8) all in all. He was Deputized as  Deputy Governor for Panay and Romblon By Governor Thomas Confessor of Iloilo During WWII  as part of the move of the Civilian Rersistance Movement. He was (Alkalde) Mayor when war broke out. He was a product of the Thomasites Program of  the U.S. govt.
  • 7. In Iloilo Hall of Justice we have 2 Delfins here. Judge Delfin-Azzaraga, Judge Delfin-Lim. We also have Atty Susy Delfin Delfin here in Iloilo.
  • 8. The  Yusay / Consing of Iloilo and Bacolod have also Link  up with the Delfins, Monsgr. Delfin's sister in Bacolod is married to a Yusay -Consing .
  •  9. Mayor now Cong. Evilio "Bing"  Leonardia of Bacolod City has a brother Archt. Prospero Leonardia is married to Nena Delfin  who's is the younger sister of my mother. He manages the Daily Star newspaper  and a practising  license Achitect.
    10. Former Mayor Pewee Trinidad of Pasay City is married to a Delfin of Capiz also Mrs.Nelfa Delfin Trinidad.11. Parish Priest  of Dumarao is Fr. Delfin Delfin we fondly called Manoy or Father"Tootsie" (Cousin).
  • 12. Dr.Orlando Diaz of Virgin Islands.
    13. Dr.Jesus Diaz of  Capiz Doctors Hospital his wife is a doctor as well.
    14. Dr.Jesus Delfin Villanueva  Surgeon in the States.
    15. Dr.Susan Catalina Delfin Villanueva, MD in California, established  a Medical Research Center.
    16. Atty. Eugenio V. Villanueva (Tito  Toto)  married to Pearl Delfin Villanueva, International Lawyer.
    17. Atty. Susan Pearl Villanueva, Top 3  Bar top notcher married to Joey Ochave ( VP-Uni-lab Pharmaceuticals )
    18. Atty. Arthur Diaz Delfin (tito Turing)
    19. Atty. Ernesto Delfin  married to Gloria Abdon Delfin (manang Sweet)
    20. Atty.Ceron Defin21. Atty.Jomer Delfin
    22. Atty. Erwin Diaz Ignacio, City Prosecutor, Roxas City
    23.Judge Leonides J. Llamas  Sr.married to Leticia Diaz Delfin, LLB (My Parents )
    24.Judge Federico Diocampo Sr.(tito Pagring) married Nora Delfin (tita Nora)
    25. Engr. Hugo Delfin Villanueva, International Master, Chess (manoy Oging)
    26. Lawrence Delfin Villanueva, President -First Community Bank Inc.
    27. Archt. Raymund Delfin Villanueva  of In and Out (Chain of Restaurants.) U.S.A.                         28.Atty. Nilo Dadivas Delfin is married to the sister of Dr. Raul Banias the Provincial Administrator of Iloilo.
    29. In Canada, Ramil Delfin  established a restaurant name after the family"Delfin's Restaurant"
    The First Filipino & Canadian Restaurant-within the border of City of Lloydminster and Saskatchewan
    30. Col. Francisco V. Llamas 
     a member of the Philippine Military Academy "Sandiwa" Class of 1985 who holds a degree of Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies from the University of Madras, India; succeeded Col Alex CapiƱa, who is slated to occupy a command position in Luzon at the next higher level.Delfin, a native of Capiz province, said he looked forward to his assignment at 3ID.

  • Remember that Panitan proudly claims to be the “Home of the Professionals.” They traditionally honor their yearly batch of graduates through a big annual “Summer Affair” managed by the college students, officers of the the “PANITAN VARSITARIANS ASSOCIATION.” The affair is now on its Fiftieth (50th) year.The Delfin-Diaz  family started this affairs and the first of the Varsitarian Queens are no less than our aunts and cousins who where all beauty Queens in their own rights. (Yabang) ha ha ha. Beauty and Brains of their time. I will put the beauty QUEENS List  in the next chapter. Panitan also produced one of the first Medico -Legal in the person of Dr./ Atty.Salvador Delfin Dellota. 
  • And Panitan is also the Home of the First Nurse In the Philippines, Felipa De la Pena (1904) who later Married Mr. Gumabong of Guimbal. No wonder majority of my women cousins took this course as well...including me and my brother Jun jun who is in the states is a registered  nurse too. I will post later the nurses in the family. In our family the first Nurse was Tita Elizabeth Diaz.

    I need to research more on the other Delfin branches. I have some sort of listing on our immediate family, putting them together, is like a puzzle. Its a very challenging project as well as time consuming as Amelia Conanan would say it she has trace their Diestro-Delfin clan of Aklan and I have a copy of the family tree of Distor-Delfin Clan of Antique who originated from Panitan as well. My cousin Hannah Dadivas Drylie has a complete list of our Delfin- Diaz branch which includes:
         Delfin -  Diaz - Dadivas - Diocampo -Alcantara - Villanueva- Leonardia - Llamas -Bebit - Mijares - Capulong -Ignacio - Raynaldo - Develles -Ronquillo - Dellota-Arguelles-Zapanta-Didulo's. Amelia  Conanan  has  collated the Delfin - Diestro branch as well. Other Prominent families in Capiz and Aklan that has Delfin or Diaz in  their  family tree are  the Bermejos, Ortiz, Dorado, Iganacio, Advincula's, Distajo, Cortes, Avelino of Pontevedra and the Miraflores clan of Aklan.    
  • Yes about the  FERCOLLA Clan ( Fernandez-Coquia-Llamas Clan) of Dagupan on my father on the  Llamas side. It took Teresita Coquia the editor  of our Family Tree and Family History Book 7 years to finish the first edition. She too was an assistant Editor of National Geographic Society in  the States in the 70's. And it took me 3 years to collate my book Something Interesting and Fun About the Llamas family of the Philippines which has reach 105,617 views and counting in my deo-antonio blog. I am sure it will take me years as well to finish this book SOMETHING INTERESTING  AND FUN ABOUT THE DELFIN-DIAZ  FAMILY OF THE PHILIPPINES.

    Origin of Delfin family is of French-Spanish-Filipino Lineage coming from a priestly line in the 17th century and Diaz are of Spanish-Jewish-Filipino origin. But 100% Proud to be Filipino .

                                                                                   (TO BE CONTINUED )

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1. Iloilo is the site of the Malayan landing in the Philippines, according to the Maragtas Legend.
2. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.
3. The first place to put up a Christian church in the Philippines was Jalaud (Dumangas) in what is now the barangay of Ermita, in 1566.
4. Iloilo is the first city outside Manila to have a foreign business house (Loney & Co.) and the first foreign vice-consul.
5. The first province to export sugar to Australia.
6. The only province to have two cities during the Spanish time: Iloilo City, chartered in 1890, and Jaro in 1891.
7.The biggest province in the Philippines in population, income and economic production during the 19th century.
8.  The best and biggest producer of textile during the Spanish era.
9.  The first city outside Manila to have electricitytelephonetelegraphrailwayice plantautomobile and other modern conveniences.
10. The first province outside Luzon to fly the Philippine National Flag (in Sta. Barbara, Nov. 17, 1898)
11.     The first department store in the country.  Hoskyn & Co., established in 1877.
12. The first city outside Manila to have direct shipping lines with Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe and America.
13. The first commercial airline in the country was the Iloilo Negros Air Express Co. (INAEC).
14. The first Philippine airline established after World War II was organized by Ilonggos… the FEATI.
15. The first provincial high school in the Philippines…Iloilo National High School.
16. The first Elementary School established under the Americans – Baluarte Elemenetary School in Molo.
17. The first protestant barrio in the country – Calvario – Janiauy.
18. The first Baptist Church in the Philippines – Jaro Evangelical Church.
19. The first luxury liner in the island – S/S Don Esteban of the De la Rama Line.
20. The first city to have double – decked buses.
21. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.
22. The first city to have a car assembly plant – Taller Visayas de Strachan & McMurray. The car assembled was the “Deiler” in the 1920’s.
23. The first province to produce many millionaires and the first city to have a millionaire’s row.
24. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines aver produced.
25. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymundo Melliza.
26. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passengers, was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.
27. The first doctor of laws from Oxford University – Melquiades Gamboa.
28. The first doctor of philosophy in political Science – Victorino Diamonon.
29. The first Filipino doctor of Education – Pedro E. Y Rio.
30. The first Filipino woman doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Josette Garcia Portigo.
31. The first Filipino doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology – F. Landa Jocano.
32. The first Filipino to win the Congressional Medal of Honor during the WWII – Captain Jose Calugas of Leon.
33. The first Filipino soldier in the American Army to win medals of Heroism & Couragefrom the governments of United States, Belgium & France during thye WWII – Sgt. Ramon Subejano of New Lucena.
34. The first Filipino girl to be called the fastest woman in Asia – Inocencia Solis of New Lucena.
35. The first most-be-medaled Filipino girl swimmer – Nancy Deano of Dingle.
36. The first filipino international chess grandmaster – Eugene Torre of La Paz.
37. The first community school movement originated by Supt. Jose V. Aguilar.
38. The best organized guerilla unit during World War II under Gen. Mariano Peralta.
39. The first guerilla unit to contact, by radio, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and President Quezon during World War II.
40. The first Filipino lady to win a cultural heritage award – Magdalena Jalandoni of Jaro.
41. The first Filipino feminist – Pura Villanueva Kalaw.
42. The first bookstore and printing shop in the Visayas and Mindanao – Libreria la Panayana.
43. The first modern and most beautiful custom house in the country.
44. The first government constructed museum building in the Philippines – Museo Iloilo.
45. The first city to have modern cinema houses and theatres outside Manila.
46.   The first gravity irrigation system outside Luzon – Sta. Barbara Irrigation System.
47. The first successful compact farm in the country – Tagsing Buyo, Sta. Barbara.
48. The only province to have an anti-biotic drug named after it – Ilozone and Ilotycin which are brands of erythromycin, a wonder drug developed from a soil sample from Iloilo.
49. The first province to be declared a model in development planning by NEC/USAID.
50. The number one food-producing province of the Philippines today.
51. The first and only town in the Philippines to produce four justices of the Supreme Court, seven senators, seven governors, and seven cabinet members.
52. The site of the first international research center in the fishing industry, the SEAFDEC in Tigbauan.
53. The biggest public school division in the country is the Division of Iloilo.
54. The first city, which initiated a free education program in the elementary schools by eliminating the matriculation fees and providing free school supplies and the elimination of tuition fees in public secondary schools.
A reprint from:  ILOILO’s FIRST, The Visayan Tribune, January 31, 1977.

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Evolution of my Dinosaurs

 April 2nd, 2008 By Tata-Llamas

" Look at children’s faces . I’ve never seen two that are anywhere near alike , and I like that . I like to think that they are that combination that will never again occur in the history of personkind . When you get in touch with that , you get a sense of pride . And as far as the meaning implied in this is concerned , do you think that they are here for nothing ? All that uniqueness is theirs for nothing ? "

Michael : " Ma , hampang ta chess "

Mama : " ok "

Michael : " checkmate "

Mama : " Indi ko magpasugot "

Michael : " Sports lang bala ma "

Mama : " Indi ko magpasugot "

Michael : " Pikon "


Michael : " Ma , hampang ta liwat chess "

Mama : " ok "

Mama : " check "

Michael : " Grrr , halin da bala john, ginaguba mo concentration ko . Liwaton ta ma ."

Mama : " Indi ko ya , daug na ko . Checkmate ."

Michael : " grrr"

Mama : " pikon hehehe "


Mama : " What is your name ? "

John : " My name is John Peter Llamas "

Mama : " How old are you ? "

John : " My name is 4 years old ."

Mama : " Genius ang bata ko ."


John : " Mama malakat ka ? "

Mama : " Huo pangga , may duty ako . Where gani si mama ga work ?”

John : " Sa duty "

Mama : " Gifted child , bye john "

Evolution of my Dinosaurs IV

April 2nd, 2008 by tata-llamas

" A child is entitled to sane messages from adults . How parents and teachers talk to children will help them to know how they should feel about themselves . Their statements affect his self esteem and his self worth . To a large extent , their language determines his destiny ".

Mama : " John , kiss anay kay mama para madula akon kapoy ”

John : " Wala ka na battery mama ? ”


Mama : " Mike , Presidents of the Philippines mo na project tapos mo na ? ”

Michael : " Dali na lang ma ".

David : " Ma , ano na ang mga Presidents , artista ?”

Mama : " Hmm let me think ".


Mama : " John , ano imo gina drawing ? ”

John : " Si godzilla , patay na ".

Mama : " Ha ? nga a ? "

John : " Ti kay may jeep mo "

Mama : " A , naipit "


David : " Ma , luto ka red meat "

Michael : " Buang ka david , indi na si mama kabalo magluto ".


Mama : " David , what have you learned today ? ”

David : " Sa pilipino , ginang , ginoo at binibini " .

Mama : " Example "

David : " Ginoong mama tata "

Mama : " Very good , binibining david hehehe ".


Mama : " John , suksok na medyas , malakat na ta "

John : " Indi ko balo mama " .

Mama : " Mike , dave , buligi man si john. Isa isa kamo tiil please "

Michael : " grrr"

David : " grrr"

John : " Aray ! hu hu hu "

Mama : " What happened "

John : " Kagat ko david , wala na ko ya tiil huhuhu "

David : " grrr "

Evolution of my Dinosaurs III

April 2nd, 2008 by tata-llamas
" We’ve got to teach our children that they are unique in all the world . We’ve got to show them that they will always be the best of them . They are also potentiality ."

Papa : " Teacher , kumusta man performance ni David attentive man siya sa klase ?”

Teacher : " Ah yes , kung i-call mo iya attention ."


Mama : " David , kung ginasaway ka gani , pamati ka kag sabat kung ginapamangkot ha ? Gusto mo gid ya pirme hanuton ?

David : " Te , kung mapatay ko bi , padakop ta ka sa pulis e ”.

John : " killer ka mama ?

Mama : " Indi a …."


Mama : " Michael , what have you learned today ?”

Michael : " Panghalip na panao , panag uri , at panlunan "

Mama : " What about you dave , what have you learned today ?”

David : " Parts of the bird …."

Mama : " Parts of the bird man guihapon , tatlo na kabulan ?!"


Mama : " Mike , dave , next time na lang ta malagaw..wala ta plete"

Michael : ” ok lang ma "

David : " butigon ka gid ya mama "

Mama : " dugay na "

Evolution of my Dinosaurs II

April 2nd, 2008 by tata-llamas

”We must start early in letting children know about their wondrous gold mines of imagination that are strictly their own”

Mama : " Mga dinosaurs , pamasahe man sa tiil ni mama please"

Michael : ” ako sa right ”

David : ” ako sa left ”

John : ” hu hu hu wala na ko ya tiil ”


Papa : ” Si michael tisoy , si david handsome , si john gwapo . Si mama …."

David : " Siempre , pogi ”

Mama : ” Thank you , Dave "


Michael : " Ma , hambal ni teacher carmela , gin kaon ni david iya chocolate ".

Mama : ” david , is that true ?”

David : ” Yes ma , sorry , huhuhu "

Mama : " Its ok we’ll just replace teachers chocolate . Mike ano to nga chocolate ?”

Michael : " choki choki "

Mama : " Ay cheap , ok baklan ta si teacher cadbury "


Mama : ” Mike , lets eat ”

Michael : " Sige Ma ”

after eating…

Mama : ” Ok , who gets to wash the dishes ? ”

Michael : ” Ako na lang , ma ”

Mama : " Indi mike , ako na lang ”

Michael : " Ako na lang ma , di bala allergy ka sa hugas ? ”

Mama : ” Its ok , kis a ma lang ”

Michael : " Sige ma , ikaw na lang "

Mama : " Daw di ka na gid ma joke , ikaw na lang "

Michael : " Si mama bala a "

Evolution of my Dinosaurs

April 2nd, 2008 by tata-llamas

” We are all children even if most of us have forgotten it ”

David : ” Mama , very good ako subong "

Mama : ” Tu od , nga a haw ?”

David : ” Kaisa lang ako gin akigan ni teacher .”

Mama : ” Very Good ”


Michael : ” Mama , nagdaug ako sa math ”

Mama : ” Very good Mike , may reward ka kay papa ”

David : ” Mama , nagdaug man ko sa teks "

Mama : ” The best ka gid ya dave , sige may reward ka man ”.


John Peter : ” Mama , brief ka lng ? wala ka shorts ?”

Mama : ” Wala na , puro lago ".

Michael : ” Labhan mo e ”

Mama : ” Kapoy na ko ”

David : ” Si papa lang malaba e ”

Mama : ” Very good idea dave , Love…."


MIchael : ” Yuk , mama nalapsan ka ”

Mama : ” Huo gani ”

John : ” May dugo ka mama ? Gintiro ka sang pulis ?”

Mama : ” Hou John , sa plaza …”

Cast of characters Michael David John . Divine was not yet born when i wrote it . They were aged 4 , 6 , 8 so innocent .