Biyernes, Setyembre 15, 2017


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I live to love I love to live
This I will leave
Words to live by

To you I give
Know Believe Love

Always have faith above
God yourself and others
I live to give and learn to forgive
Believe in God who believes in you
I live to lead and encourage

I live to inspire and be inspired
I give hope and courage

This I pray you will all remember this
I live a life of peace
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I Smile when I See funny things happening
Like seeing babies playing and children singing
I smile knowing God cares for me and my family
That he has a purpose and put things in order for me
I smile when I see unusual things that surprises me
Animals acting like man and man like animals
Something out of the ordinary not seen regularly
Seeing monumental feat something Legendary
Like Great designs in visual arts architecture
Fascinates and puts a smile in my heart
I Smile when I meet people and they smile back at me
This world would be much better if we smile perpetually
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I hate tyranny, injustice, corruption
A systematic oppression of our nation
Few are favored at the expense of majority
I hate lies misdirection and false testimony
Where Truth diluted and liars in authority
Still arrogant in spite their dishonesty
They are proud and flaunting their ill-gotten wealth
Not afraid of Life's karma it will put toll in their health
Like bandits and pirates, their greed will over take
I hate schemers, plotters, and manipulators
People with agenda who use you for their purpose
Who is there for their self-interest and selfish gain
I hate rejection, betrayal, and humiliation
For I can not do such thing as one human being
I hate to say this it is just my self-evaluation
I hate crimes, apathy, insensitivity
So I try to inspire be inspired creatively
Hoping to see changes that starts with you and me
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I love because it is the best way to live
knowing that you have something to give
I was loved first by my family
Aware of Gods great love for me
And with friends accepting me as me
I have been grateful for this you see
I love and I am love in return
Give and you will receive in turn
What you don't have you can not give
This are things that I truly believe
I Love because I was love first
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I laugh when I remember
All the crazy things I did
My childhood, as teenager
made funny mistakes indeed
I laugh with my life choices
looking back with no regret
and have made peace with it
I have heard my inner voice
I laugh and move by stories
from friends with comedic gifts
jokes that tickle our fancies
that it takes our breath a brief
I laugh out loud with out doubt
I can be so contagious
Even when I am all alone
I do have a funny bone
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I cry for many reasons
I try to hear my heart out
Life can give us lessons
Listen in silence don't doubt
I cry when I am sad
I cry when I am glad
I cry when I am hurting
Deep Deep down inside
I just can not hide it
Tears falling down in my eyes
But at times when I do cry
Rain falls like it sympathized
I cry when I am angry
I cry when I am betrayed
I cry when I am rejected
Its no joke to feel this way
I cry when something touches me
A movie a story or a memory
So do Love songs and poetry
Guess am just one of those softies
By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas
I die every day
In my rest, I find my peace
It is a daily practice
I die to myself at ease
For my spirit to take control
For me to rise and not fall
I die
so that I may live
Learn to love and give
I die
Like seeds needs to germinate
To bring new life new faith indeed

Martes, Agosto 29, 2017

AN APPEAL FOR HELP. Jun Aquino is raising money for Children's Cancer Research Fund.

Jun Aquino shared your post.
I am appealing to some of my blessed friends to help this kid, I offer my art in exchange for his medical expenses, he has a stage 4 cancer and needs to be operated ASAP, P150,000 or 3kUS$ is needed. You can directly give the funds to his mother and I will personally give you my painting that is on displayed on Solaires Nightscape art exhibit that runs until Sept 2.
Use your talents to bring Glory to God, by helping other without return favor..God will bless us more.
More blessed to give than to receive.
ACTS 20:35
Deo Antonio D. Llamas added 3 new photos.
Heroes Footprints, 22x30 watercolor, 150k or 3kUS$ for the operation of his little friend Adam. 4 stage cancer, 11 years old.

Lunes, Agosto 28, 2017


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

What makes a man, a man
In my own simple way as one
Let us remember God's Plan
HE created Man in his image

In His likeness, we are made
With loving care He formed us
Placed us higher than the Angels
His everlasting love never fades

Gave Man dominion over creation
Steward on Earth and all habitations
Given strength virtue and wisdom
Ability creativity and masculinity

Man as masters and manager
Put things in order as planned
Named seasons animals plants
To cultivate and nourish the land

Elevation of mind and heart
Knowing the ways of God
Following the truth as a start
Living the life of Abundance

A Man leads as the Pathfinder
Must be the head and provider
Loved his Woman and Family
At all times it will be his priority

Man strives to make a mark in society
Like Great Patriarchs leaves legacy
Have a need to be part of history
Fulfills his God given destiny.

Huwebes, Agosto 17, 2017


s 11/17/2014 |

The Philippines could be one of the richest countries in Asia, following the discovery of the world’s biggest Palladium reserve off the coasts of Negros, Panay, Mindoro, and Romblon Islands, south of Luzon. NASA, together with USGS, (United States Geological Survey), released a 3-year study report detailing the 8,450 square kilometer palladium deposits lying below the seas of Visayan, Sibuyan, and Tablas Strait. Current biggest producer of Palladium is Russia with 44%, followed by Africa with 40%, and the rest are from Canada and US. If the Philippine government allows foreign investors to dig and mine the palladium deposits, the country can expect around $9.8B a year in net profit, the report said. USGS estimated that the whole deposit is 2% bigger than that of Russia with a total volume of around 3.8 million metric tons. The current price of processed 99.9 karats of palladium is $24,570 per kilogram. The total estimated price for the whole deposit is $93B, or 410 trillion PHP. Palladium is one of the most precious and rare metals used in jewelry, electronics, and automotive mainly in catalytic converters. Aside from the discovery of palladium, other minerals related to palladium such as nickel, platinum, aluminum, silver, and gold are also expected to be extracted from the main mineral. “The Philippines has no capability to dig and mine its own resources and it needs foreign investors to process the minerals”, the report says. The deposit can sustain the country’s budget in the next 100 years or more according to the source. The price of palladium is increasing every year and it can double in the next ten years according to the press release. NASA used satellite sensors and detectors to survey the earth’s surface and was also credited with the discovery of Brazil’s biggest oil deposit a couple of years ago. See Also: PH Government Awards P2.3T ($51.4B) Mining Contract to Rio Tinto Following the Rediscovery of 24K Gold Nuggets in the Rivers of Hinobaan /Catherine Jones/ Assisted Press Las Vegas Ref.: Look also here

Biyernes, Agosto 11, 2017



By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

                                                 LISTINGS OF POEMS AND ARTICLES                                                                                                              A . ### 2011 Poems ###
31.The Man on the Cross
35.The Vanishing Fingers
35.Is this the end of the world or a new beginning
36.A Poem for Vincent

                                                          B. My Recent Poems 
1. A Fathers Love
2.Yan ang Pilipino
3. Iloilo City My City My Pride
4. OFW Our Futures Wealth
5. I Ask God For Wisdom
6. A Child Is A Gift From God
7. Alexander De Juan Nasaan Nasaan Ka
8. We Filipinos Have Gift Of Tongues
9.Here Lies An FB Addict
10. I Call You You Call Me
11. On Andress Bonifacio
12. Seeing Life And Death
13.Tunay Ang FB Sadyang Nakaka Addict Na
14. We Are The Watchman Of Our Generation
15. Uncertain Security
16. A Thing Of Beauty 2
17..Human Iniquities the Root of all Misery
18. Positively Yours
19. Ang Diwa ng Pasko Ating Isapuso
20. Lord, You are my Friend
21. Para sa Kamao ng Bayani
22. Ating Sining Nagbibigay Inspirasyon
23. My Many Names
24. My Beautiful Gracie
25. What's on Your Mind?
26. What Makes a Woman?
27. My God, My Father, My Friend
28. Experience Boracay Experience a Glimpse of Heaven. 
                             C. My Poems, My Works, My Life By Deo Antonio D. Llamas.
1.My Story
2.Why do I want to write?
3.You are the Air that I breathe.
4.My Love
5.My Birthday
6. A Song from Heaven
7.The Beauty Of Many Splendors
8.I Need my Wings back
9. Diamonds are Forever
10.Magical Moments
11.Of what Dreams may Come
12.Mother and Child
13. Ilaw Ng Tahanan
14.The Faith of a Fisherman
15.The Men Who Play With Their Pens
16.Hagdan ng Buhay ( Rice Terraces)
17.Bayanihan sa Bayan ni Juan
18.Bagong Pilipino at Bagong Pilipinas
19.Salita ng Buhay
20.My Tita Belle
21.Yes We Will Make Our Own History
22.Why Settle for Queen when we Could be the “King City ”
23.SWAT Major Major Problem
24.My Life, My Family, My God
25.World Peace

                                           D. Some Of My Poems And Thoughts For2011
1.My Comments on Corruption
2. A Poem For Sir Benjie Estuche
3.Pusong Sugatan
4. Retasing Tula
5.Tawag Ng Panahon
6.My Opinion On How Can We Help Our President On Alex Vidal's Post
7. Sabah Philippines True Brothers Are We
8. My Comments on Alex Vidal's Post on Being Sincere and Hypocrisy
                                        E.Thoughts and Poems by Paul Leo D. Llamas

1. Love
2.To My Best Friend
3.I Smile
4. Reaching
5. Dreaming
6. Days In June
7. Childs Play
8. How Can I Write A Poem?
9.  Words Of The Heart
10. Believing
11. Love like the Waters
12. Vain Smudge
13. Seclusion
14. Desperation
15. Sharon
16. Plea to Zrr (to Cynthia)
17. Bee Jay
18. Lee’s Golden Ripples (for John Lee)


1. Kalayaan Natin
2Tawag ng Panahon
Bulag na Hustisya 
Gat Jose Rizal Ama Ng Ating Bayan
Sa Pagbukas Nitong Entamblado
6Sa Lungkot at Saya
7.May Paroroonan
8. Trabaho sa Ibang Bayan
9. Bagong Bayani
10.Raga Raga
11.Bilog ang Mundo
12.Buhay, Tubig, Kalikasan.
13.Kabataan Pagasa ng Baya
14. Iba-Ibang  Mukha ng Pera,  Hindi Mukhang Pera.

15.Things Can Change in Just a Day
16.Iloilo the Eagle City
17.The Power of Poetry
18.God Gave Us Laughter
With Loves Embrace
Kabataan Pag Asa ng Bayan

                                                 G. DECEMBER 2013 COLLECTION
                                                                            By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas