Miyerkules, Abril 23, 2014


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

The ATHEIST claims that our body is composed of  elements from dust from dead stars actually the Bible stated that a long time ago: From dust you came from dust you will return.

SCIENCE is showing us HOW GOD made the universe and all the life that existed. The process done and the creative evolution that took place millions or even billions of years which science is now discovering THE STRUCTURES AND THE BUILDING BLOCK OF LIFE  AND THE UNIVERSE. Like archeology we are discovering uncovering KNOWN AND UNKNOWN societies and cultures of the past. SO IS SCIENCE UNCOVERING THE DESIGN OF GODS MASTERPIECE.

The BIBLE is showing us WHO this GOD is. The creator of heaven and earth. The Alpha and Omega. The God of Purpose, Order and Design AND THAT EVERYTHING HE MADE IS WONDERFUL (MINUTE DETAILS LIKE DNA'S, ATOM, MOLECULES, CELLS OF SIMPLE AND COMPLEX LIVING AND NON LIVING THINGS AND SO IS THE PLANETS, THE SUN AND THE MOON, THE COSMOS THE UNIVERSE SO VAST AND ENDLESS GOD MADE THEM ALL) As stated in the Bible 'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. THE SAME WAS IN THE BEGINNING WITH GOD. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made... AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONGST US...JESUS WAS THE LIVING WORD.

Taking account the scientific research before matters existed in the universe is said to be void and empty and filled with gaseous substance or what the scientist now call dark matters and dark energy. But lately they also discover the catalyst that triggers this dark matters and dark energy are sound energy radio wave, a vibration a sound wave a force. Come to think of it words and syllables are sound waves produce by our body. Then we could conclude that the Living Word was the creative power that triggered dark matter and energy into forming the building block of the universe. For all things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made Science is just revealing evidence of an intelligent design that only comes from an all knowing (Omniscient) all powerful (Omnipotent) in is everywhere (Omnipresent) being .

Science use scientific process to derive theories, hypothesis, facts and laws in the material and temporal world But you cannot negate the fact that there is a spiritual realm or spiritual world that even science has proved exist. So there are also spiritual laws and facts and truth that we have to consider in this life for eternity sake. As Faith are the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. Science and the Bible complement each other in the truest sense. If you look at the best scientific minds in the scientific world you will find that many of them are inspired and are believers So many Christian scientist mathematicians academes inventors are humble enough for the revelation that was given to them knowledge that made this world a better place to live in.

Religion causes the confusion in this world. But relation with the living and true God who has revealed himself through the Bible (the Written Word) we must experience God first in our lives for us to truly know him. Religion is man's way to God and the Bible is Gods way to man. If we open our minds and hearts to GOD. HE WILL TRULY SPEAK TO US THROUGH THE WORDS OF THE BIBLE. THE LIVING WORD.

Atheism is a religion by itself where science and knowledge is their God. While Jesus has been saying He is The Way, the Truth and the Life. We can choose to say Jesus is a liar and a Fraud or we can choose to believe and follow him. It is our choice. But choose well. Our happiness will depend on our choice we make in our life here and in the other life.

There is really no argument can the atheist prove also that there is no GOD same way. God only reveals to them who seek him with a contrite and humble heart. I just can’t imagine if God made his Bible full of scientific formulas elements laws and all the mathematical equation to which he made the world. I don’t think the U.S. Congress Library is enough to accommodate chapter 1 of it. And God himself has told John the revelator that he will reveal in due time the knowledge of the universe for our limited mind cannot contain the answers to life's mystery and questions. He will reveal all things in due time. (To be continued)

Martes, Abril 22, 2014



By; Deo Antonio D. Llamas

Kung walang kurap...walang mahirap
Ating Bayan ay parang isang fruit stand
Lokal o Imported.prutas ay kaakit akit
Pagmaayos,malinis at hinog sa panahon

Alisin ang bulok,sira at di maayos
Ito'y nakaka sira sa amoy at paningin
Ito ay lalangamin at lalangawin
Tinda mo ay mapanis at di kanaisnais

Ang systemang bulok tunay naka ka sira
Kanser sa lipunan dapat ikahiya
Di tulad ng ating ginagawang pagtingala
Sa mga garapal at manlilinlang hangal

Pag saayos ng paninda ang maliliit 
Dapat nasa itaas ng malalaki 
Balanse walang napipiga at naiipit
Ganyan din sana sa bayan ni Juan 

Mag kaisa labanan ang kahirapan
Trabaho sa lahat o OFW man
Ma sustansyang pagkain,malinis na tubig
Pabahay, pa-ilaw,abot kayang gamot
De kalidad na pagamotan at edukasyon

Tunay nga sa paghilum ng sugat o sakit
Ang paglinis muna ang unang hakbang
Katawan alagaan at palakasin 
Tulad ito ng ating Bayang may sakit 
Para gumaling ay dapat laging malinis

Aangat ang bayang malaya at mahal
Totoong katarungan at bayanihan
Banderang iwagayway sa puso't isipan
Katiwalian huhusgahang patas na laban
Ito'y maging gabay,pabala kahit sino ka man

Linggo, Abril 20, 2014


 BY: Deo Antonio D. Llamas 

A-ATTITUDE -will determine the altitude of your success or failure in life. Have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) or Have a Purpose, Mission Ambition in your life.

B- BELIEVE- in a God who believes in you. Believe in yourself too

C- CHARACTER- will be your vehicle. Care and Concern for others. Courage to face all Challenges.

D-DISCIPLINE -will be your road to your destiny. Desire wisdom.

E- ENTHUSIASM- an inner joy that you will only find in God .

F-FAITH- believing our fate is in God's good hands, purpose and design.

G-GENEROSITY- in thoughts, action and heart. It is in giving that we receive more in life. Have a grateful heart.

H- HAPPINESS- to have or have less. It is in seeing what you have and not what you don’t have that will matter most. Humility is power in control.

I-INTUITIVENESS / INTELLIGENCE- it is balancing this two sides of the mind that can create for you a higher level of consciousness, awareness, appreciation and existence.

J-JUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT.-Remember we can influence the world around us or it can influence us as well.

K-KINDNESS - an act of random kindness can change a life. Life has a way of paying you back.

L-LOVE - Live to love. love to live For love is the greatest of all.

M-MONEY- money is a good servant but the worst master. Financial literacy is a good policy.Manage you time wisely that's the only commodity we are all given equally. If you can not save  the seed of greatness is not in you. It's not how much you earn it is how much you save that counts most.

N-NEVER QUIT NEVER SURRENDER.-quitters never win. but letting go is a different thing.

O-OPPORTUNITY- We create our opportunities or our opportunities create us.

P-PLAN - Plan your work work your plan. Prepare for greater opportunities

Q-QUITE TIME- To refresh and relax the soul. Remember God even rested

R-RESPECT-respect is learned and earned.

S-SERVE- serve with a heart of passion and compassion. If you want to be the greatest be the servant of all.

T- TRUST TRUTH-is a pearl of great price one is to value with patience and wise judgement..

U-UNDERSTAND LIFE-With its twist and turn.  Learn to read the  seasons. The universe is unfolding indeed.

V-VICTORIOUS LIVING- is the sum and reward of all your daily triumphs. Living one day at a time. Enjoy the journey not just the destiny.  

W-WALK WITH GOD- If God is with you who can be against you.

X-EXPECT GREATER THINGS IN LIFE- Always good things happen to good people.                                            
Y-YOU ARE GOD’S CREATION- He wants you to be happy too. Be glad 

Z-BE ZEALOUS- In life, love, work and faith- If you truly love what you are doing you will find you are enjoying. Producing good results and in your own little way you make this world a better happy  place to live in.


By : Deo Antonio D. Llamas

We Are in Love
Nobody Could Understand Us Better
Except Ourselves Being The Lovers

Trying Our Best
To Hold On Overcoming Temptations and Test
We must Go on And Not Rest

Our Love Is An Ember
That In Us Is The Fuel To Keep Us Warm 
Tender For Each Other

We Are Lovers
Who Takes Time To Be Together
It Will Be That Way Until Forever

God Is With Us
No Doubt About That
He Cares He Is Always There

I am Your Lover
You Are My Lover
And We Are In Love With Each Other


By: Deo Antonio D. Llamas

The night is coming 
Our dreams awakening
Our bodies wanting rest
Our Soul so protest

But in the night 
Diminish earthly sight
But opens inner Light
Sharpens our insight

In its silence
We hear heavens voice
Reminding us of our choice
To be grateful always

As night will pass
A new day dawns 
Thankful for God's grace
For another day is coming 

Lunes, Abril 14, 2014


I had a brother his name is Paul
He was a poet artist and composer
He was sensitive and one great soul
He studied first at St. Paul College
Later transferred at WVSU
Took up B.S. Mascom It's his choice
He never was a religious guy
But I know well he was spiritual
Reads the bible and prays each day
Amazed by how he use his brush and pen
I always admire and looked up to him
His the one who taught me how to draw
In poetry he had a gift for words
He can best express his views on the world
I am glad that I have preserved his works
For it was in the year of 1982 at 18
That his short life left this earthly phase
To a much much better place
I was glad to have a brother like him
who taught me many new things
A part of him is still with me
Like his love for poetry



I cry for many reasons
I try to hear my heart out
Life can give us lessons
Listen in silence don't doubt

I cry when I am sad
I cry when I am glad
I cry when I am hurting

Deep Deep down inside

I just can not hide it
Tears falling down in my eyes
But at times when I do cry
Rain falls like it symphatized

I cry when I am angry
I cry when I am betrayed
I cry when I am rejected
Its no joke to feel this way

I cry when something touch me
A movie a story or a memory
so do Love songs and poetry
Guess am just one of those softy