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I may not be able to mention all the Llamas’es who have been part of serving in the political Arena. Whose contributions I may not have known. But this is just a few of the Llamas Family who has took the brave step in the world of politics. Becoming Leaders of Men .


Ronald Llamas, current Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronald Llamas is a prominent Filipino activist and the current political adviser of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. He is also the president of the Akbayan Citizen's Action Party, which is a coalition partner of the Liberal Party (LP).Prior to his appointment in his current position, he was already a key adviser of President Aquino and LP president and former senator Mar Roxas. Aquino also earlier appointed Llamas as member of the board of directors of the Development Bank of the Philippines ( A more complete Wikipedea profile is provided below)


Fernando Q. Llamas is currently Mayor of Mauban. Quezon Province. His brand new and fresh approach to Politics has put Mauban in the Map. With leadership and savvy of an entrepreneur has attracted investors and tourist to his home town Mauban. Potential for tourism destination. Mauban has a lot to offer where the good Mayor Dingdong as he is fondly called and his team have created home grown festival, products and services to offer local and global clients. Fresh sea foods for Industrial production and with an active website Mauban is within reach of the world by just a click. In 2007 after finishing his first 3 terms as mayor he run for Congressman but did not won. In 2010 he returned and won as mayor of his beloved town again.


Mayor John Rodney V. Arcinue, Current Mayor of Sual, Pangasinan. Son of businessman and founder of RLAC which helped build the Sual Power Plant, Roberto Llamas Arcinue and historian Arabella V. Arcinue. He has been serving for two terms.


EX Vice Mayor Ramon Llamas Arcinue of Lingayen, Pangasinan. Brother of RLAC founder Roberto Llamas Arcinue. He was killed recently in the apartment of his Son 11 pm of March 8 2012 with his wife Zorahyda Ramos Arcinue, an incumbent village chief, were rushed to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) hospital. The couple didn’t reached the hospital alive. It was just after a day they attended their son's graduation. Politics is believed to be the reason on this attack to their life.


Don Antonio Llamas Fernandez was municipal president from 1911-1915. Before he entered politics, he was the municipal Judge of Binalonan town. While he was a Judge there, His wife, Capistrana Bernal, taught in the public schools

-Municipal President : 1931-1934 (My Grand Father)
JOSE FERNANDEZ LLAMAS belongs to a long line of the Llamas clan who were elected to the position of municipal president, municipal mayor and city mayor.

It started with Don Antonio Llamas Fernandez, to Amado Llamas Ayson, down to Liberato Llamas Reyna and even almost Felipe Llamas Cuison. Cuison was twice run for city mayor in 1967 but lost.

As town executive Don Jose left as a memorial of his administration, the water tank behind the city hall building. He also constructed the original Kiosk in the plaza which has been demolished in later years to give way to improvements.

He served in the government service in several other capacities: 1) as municipal councilor, 2) Pangasinan provincial board secretary during the term Gov. Servillano dela Cruz; 3) Secretary to the Speaker of the House of Representative during the time of Speaker Eugenio Perez; 4) Justice of the Peace of Sta. Barbara and Rosales.

As municipal president he was elected chairman of the Municipal Presidents League of Pangasinan. He won as municipal president on the platform that he would work for the Dagupan into a city,. He was the son of Juan Llamas and Eulalia Fernnadez, a sister of Don Antonio Llamas Fernandez. He was married to the forcer Maria Villamil Jovellanos daughter of DonToribio Jovellanos and Dona Carmen Villamil. He was a newspaperman-lawyer who wrote with the pen name Silin Tabal, for Tunong. He died August 16, 1960

Mayor Don AMADO LLAMAS AYSON- Municipal Councilor: 1934-1941 Municipal Mayor : 1943-1945 City Councilor : 1948-1951

DON AMADO LLAMAS AYSON in the estimate of many, is the greatest mayor Dagupan so far has ever had. His greatness lies primarily in his heroic services as town mayor during the Japanese occupation by virtue of which position he was able to save the lives of many important Pangasinenses who were previously marked for liquidation.

As town executive, he was also able to fulfill the dream of Dagupenos. He made their beloved town the capital of Pangasinan. During the war years and some six months after the liberation. Dagupan was the capital of Pangasinan from 1942 to 1945.

Don Amado was municipal councilor for two terms from 1934 to 1941 when the war broke out. When Dagupan was formally organized as a city, he was among those elected members of the first municipal board.

Mayor LIBERATO LLAMAS REYNA- City Councilor: 1943-1951 (Topnotcher) 2nd Term as Councilor: 1953-1955 3rd Term as Councilor: 1956-1959 City Mayor: 1960-1963 2nd Term As Mayor 1964-1967

Liberato Llamas Reyna was the sixth child of Lope Reyna and Rufina Llamas. He is a lawyer. He was born December 20, 1916. He was thrice elected as city councilor before he became city mayor. He was first elective city mayor of Dagupan. He served as city mayor for two terms.

Cong. Antonio G. Llamas – Bataan Congressman who was killed in the battle of Manila by the Japanese in 1945. Where a school was named in his honor the Llamas Memorial Institute in Mariveles, Bataan

Antonio V. Llamas –Former City Administrator Davao City (Did Run for city Mayor but Duterte won)

Sotero Llamas- Founding member of Bayan Muna Party List. An activist during martial Law time. Returned to the fold of the government and was active In the Peace Process. Run for Governor in Bicol but lost. Was later Gun down

Vice Governor Rodolfo Llamas- former Vice Governor of Tarlac

Governor Vicente Llamas-Laguna’s former Governor, married to Feliza Vidal, father of Virginia Llamas Romulo.

Councilor Vicente Llamas Jr.Of Pagsanjan Laguna died in January 1950, and was replaced by his widow,Mrs. Cristeta Pacheco Llamas.

Councilor Herminio Llamas
of Pagsanjan Laguna.

Councilor Francisco Llamas
of Pozzorobio. Pangasinan

Councillor Lorenz Llamas SK Councillor Pob. Dist II, Pozzorobio

Councilor Confessor Llamas

Councilor Confessor Llamas, was a Councilor in the Municipality of Plaridel, Misamis Occidental and was elected as ABC president, an organization for Brgy Chairman in Misamis Occidental.

Loreto G. Llamas Jr Chief of Staff:. of Representative, Salvador H. Escudero III, Sorsogon, 1ST DISTRICT House of Representatives, Quezon City Rm. N-108, Phone: 931-5001

Jojo Llamas Baldovino
Worked at Manila City Hall , Former Brgy. Chairman of Kalye Langit, Sampaloc Metro Manila.

There is a Municipal Councilor Llamas in Dumarao, Capiz and Brgy Chairman Llamas of Brgy. Baybay, Roxas City.

Jeanebeth Llamas
Works at Iloilo Provincial Government at the Office of the Governor.

Antonio Garcia Llamas-Painted the Presidential portrait of President Ramon Magsaysay (see part 17)
Presidential daughter Vicky Quirino also commissioned the artist to paint a portrait of the popular secretary of National Defense.He painted the portrait of the popular secretary of National Defense, Ramon Magsaysay, in the early '50s. Seeing the finished product, Magsaysay thought it "too presidential" and in deference to President Quirino, decided to keep it in storage. The portrait was brought out only when Magsaysay won the presidential elections of 1953 (defeating Quirino) -- and is probably one of the most recognizable presidential portraits today -- a tribute to the enduring popularity of the people's president, and the consummate artistry of Antonio Garcia Llamas.

Roberto"Bobby"Romulo-Son of Virgnia Llamas Romulo and Gen. Carlos P. Romulo (see part 3)

Bobby Romulo-Secretary of Foreign Affairs- six years, he was a diplomat like his father CPR. Under Cory Aquino, he was ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg and the European Communities.

President Fidel V. Ramos Secretary of Foreign Affairs. From July 1992 to May 1995, he held again in the footsteps of this father. But most of his career, he was in technology. He had a 25 year career at the IBM Corporation, holding CEO positions in the Philippines and Thailand, Burma and Bangladesh.

In November 1999, he was appointed Chairman of the e-Asian Task Force – a public/private sector advisory council created by the ASEAN heads of government. He is a member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Digital Bridges Task Force of the Global Business Dialogue for e-Commerce and is the Asia Commissioner of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission headquartered in Washington, D.C.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Senior Adviser on International Competitiveness.

Bettina Llamas-Araneta Aboitiz- GMA's Presidential Social Secretary Bettina Araneta Aboitiz is the wife of tycoon Sabin Aboitiz. She is the daughter of Maritina Llamas Araneta

Ronald Llamas
Ronald Llamas, current Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs

Ronald Llamas is a prominent Filipino activist and the current political adviser of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. He is also the president of the Akbayan Citizen's Action Party, which is a coalition partner of the Liberal Party (LP).
Prior to his appointment in his current position, he was already a key adviser of President Aquino and LP president and former senator Mar Roxas. Aquino also earlier appointed Llamas as member of the board of directors of the Development Bank of the Philippines.

As student activist
Llamas took up journalism at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) in 1978. It was there, while the country was still under Martial Law, when he wrote for Hudyat, the official newsletter of the UST Journalism Society; The Flame, the official student organ of the AB; and became features editor of The Varsitarian, the official student paper of UST.
After witnessing a violent demolition of a squatters' area in Tondo, Manila during his college years, he realized that he must start making a difference in the lives of the impoverished and marginalized sectors of Philippine society.

In a special issue of The Flame, he wrote the article “Confessions of a Butcher,” a satire about then President Ferdinand Marcos and his erstwhile defense chief and now senator Juan Ponce Enrile. Soon, the UST administration warned the Varsitarian against publishing articles deemed critical of the Marcos regime, compelling Llamas to give up his editorship.In 1981, he became the first president of the AB Student Council when it was revived upon the lifting of Martial Law.

Llamas wrote the first student constitution in UST, primarily to counteract the meddling of the school administration in student affairs. It created a domino effect as other colleges followed suit. Later, the Central Student Council was established.Llamas was also instrumental in the organizing of the Youth for the Advancement of Faith and Justice (YAFJ), an intercollegiate student youth movement that gained prominence and influence in student politics in the university-belt area.

In the labor movement
Upon graduation, Llamas became active in trade unionism and organized labor and other sectoral groups. He also became active in the campaign for the approval of the party-list law.

In 1998, the the Akbayan Citizen's Action Party was formally established. In its founding national congress Llamas was elected president. In that year's national elections, Akbayan won one seat in the Philippine House of Representatives. In 2004 Akbayan won three seats in Congress, which were occupied by Representatives Etta Rosales, Risa Hontiveros and Mayong Aguja Currently, Akbayan has two seats in the House of Representatives through Representatives Walden Bello and Arlene "Kaka" Bag-ao.

Interesting anecdotes
Llamas managed to personally hand over to Pope John Paul II a letter expressing the Filipino students' dissent against the Marcos dictatorship, when the Polish Pontiff first visited the country in 1981.
According to journalist Ellen Tordesillas, the following repartee transpired between Llamas and Alex Magno, renowned University of the Philippines political science professor and Philippine Star columnist, when they chanced upon each other years ago:
Magno, upon seeing Llamas: “Hello, the last of the socialists.” Llamas' response: “Hello, the first of the opportunists.”
Llamas replaced Magno as board member of the DBP when he was appointed to the position in late 2010.


Deo Antonio D. Llamas an Aspiring Politician.I had great admiration for our countries heroes and leaders. I used to have in my room a big laminated picture of Vice President Fernando Lopez and I have great admiration for this great man. Considering both side of my family had illustrious political Clan on my fathers side my grandfather was mayor of Dagupan ,Pangasinan of Fercolla Clan Mayor Jose Fernandez Llamas and on my maternal side Mayor Hugo Raynaldo Delfin of Panitan, Capiz. Maybe its in my genes ha ha ha And even as a kid I have great Interest in Politics. I have participated in class elections. I always involved myself and most of the time I get nominated and Elected as President or an officer in class even until my college days. But at the same time I was also active in our Campus Ministry were I serve as coordinator and pioneering member for Agape Campus for Jesus Fellowship an inter collegiate inter-faith movement in Iloilo.

My father.Atty. Leonides J. Llamas work as Comelec Registrar in Pasay City during the earlier time of Mayor Pablo Cuneta  in the 70's the father of Sharon Cuneta. And in the 80's he was also assigned as Comelec Registrar in Basilan, Zamboanga he even made the news when he was kidnapped by the people of a running Candidate. His work has influenced my interest in politics. Seeing all those election forms and datas, reports and election results, campaign materials and give away in my early years have influence my inclination to the world of Politics. Our family is well entrenched in Comelec. One of my cousin served as Executive Secretary of Comelec head of Legal Division 4, Atty. Lamberto P. Llamas. Her daughter now works there. Another uncle of mine had a stint as Comelec Registrar as well as my brother Jose Hugo D. Llamas worked in Comelec, Leganes, Iloilo.

Then my first taste of Politics came when we handled the (DPYM) Danding for President Youth Movement (Danding Cojuangco)in 1992 Presidential election were I served as one of the core group for the movement. I registered in Manila and got my self assigned in my place Iloilo. Organized and recruited, coordinated with head quarters HQ in Iloilo we did also the postering and serve as watchers. We also handled Sen. Ernesto Maceda's campaign where he was re-elected. I was 21 then. Pres. Fidel Ramos won that election.

My next engagement was 2001 Senatorial election where I was nominated under the (NP) Nationalista Party I run for city councilor in Iloilo. But they won ha ha ha. I know I won't win with my first attempt. It was my way of introducing myself to the public of my interest to be of service and get to know the leaders of the community.

In 2004 Presidential Election we handled (FPJPM) Fernando Poe Jr For President Movement I was one of the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Region 6 covering Negros and Panay. We had our training in Manila and visited the FPJ studio and there I was able to meet Sen. Maceda again, He was my father's Law professor in FEU. We also handled Sen. Jamby Madrigal. But I did run as an independent candidate for city councilor and I did not make it again. Following in the foot step of a great man in history Abraham Lincoln ha ha ha. Failure did not stop him, persevered and destiny came to his aide in time becoming one of the greatest President of America.

2007 came I was able to join the PDP LABAN slate here in Iloilo under former Mayor Mansueto Malabor. This time around I was in a group. Hoping that being in a group would give me a better chance. I did learned and meet many leaders in the Barangays but in the end its still the one who carries the bigger bag that counts. And politics is indeed about families, and support systems and oiled political machinery. Knowing the big clans in the area is a big advantage. In my case I am quite displaced from my next of kins. My father is from Dagupan, Pangasinan my mother is from Panitan, Capiz. I can say I am out of my base. The larger the tribe the larger the influence and network. Family does count in politics.

In 2010 Presidential Election . I was quite hesitant to run as a candidate cause we recently opened a restaurant business and it needs to be looked up to. We opened in January of that year.
But in a way I still filled my candidacy again as Iloilo city councilor just so my name will not be out of circulation ha ha ha. For It said running into public office is the cheapest form of marketing.

Being a Realtor and a License broker how would I distinguished myself among thousands of brokers in my area? Like politics "Name recall"counts in real estate as well as in politics. But even though I did not win on my candidacy, it was my candidate for President who won this time. I felt like a winner as well. I was a member of (NAPM) Noynoy Aquino For President Movement. This time my move was right. I supported Atty. Dan Cartagena the head of NAPM Chapter for Panay and he was the first to do campaign signature for Noynoy Aquino to Run for President.

Indeed destiny has a way of making things right. President Pnoy stands for what is right. Ang Tamang Daan. I may have not won but the Filipino people won indeed in this election. Promotion comes from the Lord. God Knows my heart and He knows how I would love to serve his people. Maybe it is in the genes or familiar influence of career paths, inclination and preference in the Llamas family. We choose to lead and serve,, For God Family and Country...POLITICS INDEED RUNS IN THE LLAMAS FAMILY.

In one of the Liberal party campaign sorties of 2010 Presidential election which was hosted by(NAPM) Noynoy Aquino for President Movement headed by Atty. Dan Cartagena who first initiated the signature campaign for Pnoy to run for President . It was a historic event worth noting. Atty. Dan Cartagena was instrumental in putting Pnoy as our President after winning the election. It was destiny at play. In my part I was there to support Pnoy and Atty. Dan Cartagena and the NAPM. 

While most of the politician and their entourage tried to muscle their way in the front row, I settled my self at the center isles. Timely when the lighting ceremony started Pnoy and Sen. Roxas went forward at the center of the room where I was located and Sen. Roxas tap me at my shoulder and said to me(dito ka) to stand behind them with Pnoy and Atty. Dan Cartagena with his son. This was indeed a humbling experience for me. Honored to be standing with this great leaders and this picture captured that moment in time. To God be the Glory
 — with Dan Cartagena.

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